Semaku offers services in the area of structured and integrated information management. Encompassing content management, product information management and product lifecycle management, we help our client to streamline and implement the big picture with a unified approach.

The outcome: our clients optimize their costs and achieve a faster time to publish their content, leading to a more consistent visibility of their product offering.

It is our core mission to empower you with smoother information creation, management, storage and publication processes. Whether you struggle with data inconsistency across your silos or content publication throughput time, or a mix of both, we will help you design the best plan to let your information landscape be what it is meant to be: a robust hub for internal and external collaborators to consume and contribute efficiently.

Guiding you on the path of implementing and integrating the best-of-breed data and content management solutions using international standards and troubleproof technology is what we are good at.

You can find examples of successful collaborations with partners and clients in the Use cases.